Startup:CON Schedule

Oct 26(Thu) Deep Technology, The Key to Evolve CX

Time The time required Content
11:20~11:50 30m KEYNOTE Next Generation Content Creation - Mapping the Gen AI Paradigm Shift Henry Ajder Meta’s Reality Labs Advisory Council
11:50~12:20 30m Speech Top 10 Trends That will Affect Your Industry Ayesha Khanna Addo Co-Founder
12:20~12:50 30m  Speech, Talk Unlocking the Magic of User-Generated Content with AI Troy Malone Relevant Co-Founder, TeaYoung Kim EO-Studio CEO
12:50~13:25 35m Panel Discussion K-Content Startup's Growth Strategy and Global Expansion Insights Sungup Lee Nautilus CEO, Min Bu FuturePlay Venture Partner,
Joonghee Ryu FuturePlay CEO(Moderator)
13:25~14:00 35m Panel Discussion Overseas Expansion Strategy for K-Startup Eric Vaysset WILCO CEO, David Ng Altara Ventures Partner,
Tarek Fouad Shorooq Partners Partner, Laurent Rains Alchemist Accelerator Director of Product Management(Moderator)
14:00~14:30 30m Talk Forecasts and Trends for Media and Platform Transformation Ricky Ow MSW Ventures Partner, Gregory Ho Asia Video Industry Association Advisor(Moderator)
14:30~15:00 30m Speech "Sound" Meets AI and Transcends Boundaries Henney Oh Gaudio Lab CEO
15:00~15:30 30m Speech Digital Content Trends for Startups: From a Technological Innovation Perspective Kris Park TikTok Country Head, KOREA SMB


Time The time required Content
13:00~13:30 30m The Future of Virtual Reality Conversations and Content Businesses Experienced with Generative AI Dongyun Lee EntreReality CEO
14:00~14:30 30m The Web3-based Metaverse and Its Future Albert Kim DoubleMe CEO
15:00~15:30 30m Introduction of Content Creation and Practical Application Cases Using AI Solutions YoungBeom Jeong BEAM Studio CEO
16:00~16:30 30m Smaller, MORE Detailed - Content, Branding, Space projects JiHo Park City of Inspiration CEO

Oct 27(Fri) The Future of CX Through K-Content

Time The time required Content
11:00~11:30 30m KEYNOTE Generative AI for Content Creation Yasmina Benkhoui NVIDIA Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships
11:30~12:00 30m Speech Revolutionizing Communication with Real-Time Digital Human SeungHyuk Jin Klleon CEO
12:00~12:30 30m Speech Own Your Fandom Hub and Unleash the Power of Fandom Kiyoung Lee bemyfriends CEO
12:30~13:00 30m Speech NEXTART – Contents of tomorrow created by collaboration of humans and AI KeeapKwan NextArt Creative Director
13:00~13:30 30m Speech Community, Collecting, and Culture: Building an Art Ecosystem on Web3 Values Brian Droitcour Outland Editor-in-Chief, Minjae Lee OUTSTANDING Journalist(Moderator)
13:30~14:00 30m Speech The Future of the Content Industry through <Mask Girl> Drama SangBum Son House of Impression CEO
14:00~14:40 40m Panel Discussion Collaborative ecosystem created by webtoon producers and AI technology companies Min Song Onoma AI CEO, YoungJoon Park KENAZ Executive Vice President, Hyeseung Chang Mark & Company Director(Moderator)


Time The time required Content
13:00~13:30 30m Building a Platform for Gaming Services Seokwon Choi COM2uS Platform CEO
14:00~14:30 30m New Wave of Gen AI: Content Innovation brought about by AI Jihoon Choi LG AI Research Institute Researcher
15:00~15:30 30m Generative AI and Legal Issues Yang JinYoung l Law firm Of MINWHO Lawyer
16:00~16:30 30m The Story of Silicon Valley Growth in Media AI Companies Tim Jung XL8 CEO