2023 Knock Demo Day

Name of the event

2023 Knock Demo Day

date and time

2023.10.27(Fri) 15:00 ~ 18:00

Pitching scale

10 companies




Five Korean companies

Total prize money and award size

49 million won (10 companies)
Grand Prize
20 million won
Excellent Prize
10 million won
Honorable Mention
5 million won
Innovation Prize
1 million won

Knock Participating Companies

Series A

Flatform, Character, Service


Entertainment, Music

Series A

Visual IP Commerce Platform


I-Tuber is a YouTuber service that provides a variety of broadcasting functions focused on user convenience. Anyone can become a YouTuber only with PC, iPhone, and microphone.
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Global Vtuber Entertainment

Maro Studio aims to list itself as one of the top 3 global Vtuber companies by 2024, based on the experience in production of Shining Star, the very first animated series in history to center on K-pop, and metaverse contents featuring aespa, a girl band produced by SM Entertainment.
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Interactive Sports Program SPODY

We’re driven by the fusion of education and XR, envisioning innovation. Beyond 2D’s confines, we offer 3D education, cultivating global talents to expand creativity and foster new perspectives.
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I went to another world where don't feel sorry for liberal arts major

A global comprehensive content entertainment platform centered on web novel distribution.
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blip, Kpop-Radar

B2C service ‘Blip’, which is designed from a customer’s point of view, has become a must have items for fans and B2B K-pop radar that monitors fandom based on data.
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Video production contest and stock AI automatic extraction sales platform 'Videocon'

Slate is a video stock sales platform that automatically extracts and sells stocks through AI tech. Slate media utilize unselected video stock from the video con run by Slate media.
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SINGING BEETLE · Entertainment, Music

Entertainment, Music

Global Boy Group

Singing Beetle plans to expand the success of K-pop by adopting global level of production and management system. It has extensive global songwriter network that will produce the best music as well as the members from unique background that can garner attention from global audience.
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Generative-VFX pipeline

Generative-VFX is a groundbreaking solution that solves chronic problems in existing VFX pipelines.
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OMNIART · Visual IP Commerce Platform

Visual IP Commerce Platform

On-demand Visual IP Commerce Platform “ULKIN CANVAS”

Digitalization/data-base set up of content visual IP based on platform & IP Aggregation by the data-based solution for IP market valuation
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The Adventures of a Demon King’s Daughter

Toonimotion re-discovers web comics that have great potential and turn them into series animations for OTT platforms.
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Online Exhibition Solution (SaaS)


NETstarium is a special program that creates spaces and works. It is a subscription SaaS-type web service which integrates an online gallery and 3D authoring tool that allows anyone to quickly and easily display works on the web without a separate installation. Netstarium provides a universe for artists and fans based on its know-how in game development and service operation.
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Pajama Jam

Social media type ensemble service for instrumentalists
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Fidelion is an IP brand in a post-apocalyptic world based on NFTs. We are also preparing to launch Megalord, a mobile game based on the prequel universe of Fidelion.
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Waterpark Boys

Albus is mobile game developer specialized in hypercasual genres that quickly reads trends and discovers various hypercasual game elements in the era of overflowing content and rapidly realizing them as games.
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Arbeon is a social media platform that uses augmented reality content to communicate.
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Spatial audio live streaming platform LIVE360

It is a spatial audio live streaming platform that provides an experience that feels like being in a live performance hall online.
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The Garden of Harmony

Check-in HANYANG

Global co-production and co-IP sharing business model
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Terafty is the go-to platform where global fans fund, influence, and stream Korean visual productions.
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Asean webtoon sales, webtoon sketchup, webtoon 3D modeling
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뉴튠(주) · Neutune


분야 : 뮤직테크 AI DJ

AI BGM for my daily life.
믹스오디오 앱을 이용하여 당신의 현재 상황 및 무드를 프롬프트로 입력하여 AI가 실시간으로 생성해주는 BGM을 감상하세요.
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IP-developer [Bi conte]

Content evaluation system through biosignal and trend data analysis
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